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Advantages Of Laser Lighting

Aug. 09, 2018

Compared with infrared LEDs, laser lighting products have the following advantages:

First, the nighttime clarity is greatly improved. Ordinary infrared LEDs have a wavelength of 850 nm and a low optical power. Although images are seen at night, objects are often invisible. Civil laser lighting products use 808nm high-power lasers, and the camera's sensitivity to this wavelength is 30% higher than 850nm.

Second, the distance is monitored farther at night. The nighttime illumination distance of infrared LEDs is generally between 20m and 80m. The laser night illumination distance can reach several hundred meters or even several kilometers, which is unmatched by infrared LEDs.

Third, the service life is longer. The photoelectric conversion efficiency of the semiconductor laser can reach 60%, the generated heat is lower, and the service life can be more durable. Generally, the service life of the laser light source is more than three times that of the ordinary infrared LED.

Fourth, it is smaller and easier to integrate. Compared to infrared LEDs, laser power products of the same power are smaller and easier to install and integrate.

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