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What Is The Difference Between LED Lighting And Laser Illuminator?

Aug. 15, 2018

Laser Illuminator China is thousands of times more efficient than LEDs, increasing the throw distance and safety while making it smaller and more compact. In addition to the field of lighting, laser display will have a wider application in projectors, digital cinema, television, stage lights, large screen splicing, automotive and other fields.

LED illumination and laser illumination are not much different from the excitation source. The YAG laser has one more laser radiation. The LED adds a fluorescence conversion after the semiconductor excitation light. The main difference in vision is the monochromaticity of the laser  is very good, the light of the LED is wider, suitable for screens, lighting, etc.The brightness can not be compared, because the direction of the laser is very strong, if not processed, the brightness is much larger than the LED.

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