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Maintenance Method Of Laser Module

Jul. 27, 2018

Now that the laser module is used more and more widely, many of the professions will use the laser module. How should the laser module be maintained?

1. Avoid touching gases such as acid and alkali. The copper and aluminum parts used in the laser module hardware touch these gases or substances, and the surface is blackened and opaque, which has an effect on the appearance.

2. Do not expose the hardware inside the Laser Module in a humid environment.

3. in accordance with the application instructions, to avoid non-standard methods of use.

4. pay attention to heat dissipation, the use of laser equipment is the temperature will be reduced, the life of the laser is compromised.

5. the water circulation cooling part of the laser tube requires punctuality to collate the scale, can use the white vinegar to participate in the circulating water, then change the water to clean the wall extend the life.

6. Do not use the blocking power supply for a long time to avoid current damage to the laser equipment.

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