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Manufacturing Process Of Green Line Laser Module

Aug. 06, 2018

The Green Line Laser Module adopts a more popular photo-adhesive process in the production method. Compared with the adhesive bonding, the bonding surface has no optical gap, the green light output power is high, the output mode is good, the spot stroboscopic low is low, and the continuous stable output can be achieved; Under 20OmW diode pumping conditions, the crystal size is 0.8X0.8X2, and its output green power is generally 5-10mW. In addition, the conversion efficiency is closely related to the quality of laser diodes and crystals. The most advanced technologies and materials on the market. The conversion efficiency can be up to 35% or more.

The Green Line Laser Module is extremely convenient for making laser resonators and is therefore a core component of the Laser Diode Pumped All Solid State Laser (DPSSL). DPSSL has the advantages of compact structure, high energy conversion efficiency, high power, good beam quality, long life and easy to use. It is one of the main components for producing low-power green laser in color display, laser entertainment, laser medical, underwater communication. There are important applications in other areas.

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Green Line Laser Module

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