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Sunglasses Can Not Replace Laser Goggles

Jul. 23, 2018

Laser Goggles is an essential safety tool for laser development, various laser experiments and the use of industrial laser equipment.

Common laser wavelengths are 1064 nm, 10600 nm, 355 nm, 808 nm, and the like. Laser goggles generally provide protection in a certain band, and different laser protection glasses should be configured for different wavelength combinations.

Laser protective glasses are roughly divided into two categories: imported and domestic. According to the certification, it can be divided into CE-certified and non-certified products. According to the protection level, it can be divided into OD1+ to OD7+.

In short, the choice of laser goggles needs to consider the four factors of laser wavelength, protection level, light transmittance and style. So laser goggles are not a substitute for ordinary sunglasses. We have IR Laser Module, Infrared Laser Illuminator and other products for sale, if you need our products, you can contact us.

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